Men’s Club:

Meet: Tuesdays year round.
Size: 40-60 Players depending on the season
Buy-In: $45 ($35 for golf $10 for Prize Money)
Game: 18 Hole Gross/Net
Contact: Pro Shop to sign up at 435-634-4640

Women's League:

Meet: Thursdays year round.
Size: 15-30 Players depending on the season
Buy-In: Nothing at present/Chip-In Pool and Birdie Pool
Game: 9 or 18 Hole Gross (equitable stroke)
Contact: Pro Shop to sign-up at 435-634-4640

Men's and women's leagues are held weekly: Tuesdays for men and Thursday’s for women. 

Men's Club Results  

Click here to view Men's Club official rules

We are going to use the GHIN system so you Must have a GHIN #. If you have not renewed your membership for 2017 please do so online HERE. The renewal forms will not be sent out by mail until Feb.
And if you have not renewed yet you are Inactive! from the UGA.

ATTN: All sales must go thru the Golf shop! Please do not go to any store including Uinta or Zion Golf unless you talk to us first. Thank You.

All those 70 years and older have the option of playing the Gold tees.

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ledges gold club mens results